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Atlanta Clock Repair

Accurate Clockworks provides quality Atlanta clock repair services including clock rebuilding and restoration at the highest quality workmanship to fix your broken grandfather clocks and mantle clock. We take each step very carefully to make sure your clock is fully restored. The restoration of a clock must be perfect from the beginning steps of inspection, cleaning, bushing-replacement, parts, making, problem solving to the final steps of polishing

There’s no denying that we live our lives by the clock.

The first thing to greet us in the morning is the sounds of an alarm clock coaxing us to get out of bed. The office clock tells us when it’s time for that important meeting or when we can dash out at the end of a long day. Our timepieces tell us when we should pick up our children from soccer practice, or meet someone special for an anniversary dinner. And our grandfather clocks gently chime away the hour in a melodious harmony that speaks of tradition and family.

With so much staked on the importance of your home or office clocks, you shouldn’t entrust your clock rebuilding to any other professional except Accurate Clockworks in Atlanta, GA. For several years, our experts have specialized in the finest Atlanta clock repair and rebuilding. Each project we take on is a superior testament to our love for clocks.

From elegant and stately grandfather clocks and antique timepieces to today’s luxurious clocks, our friendly professionals are highly trained to repair and restore your clock back to its original form and luster.

Perhaps it’s this dedication and passion for clock rebuilding that has made Accurate Clockworks the go-to Atlanta clock repair provider.

Our Exceptional Atlanta Clock Repair Services

Accurate Clockworks provides the best clock repair services in the Atlanta, GA area. Our clock repair experts have years of experience under their belts and a deep understanding of the finest clocks. Add our exceptional commitment to customer service, and it’s no wonder more Atlanta residents bring their clocks to us.

At Accurate Clockworks in Atlanta, GA, you can experience the following services:

Our company even offers in-home clock repair, which is perfect for busy families. In-home clock repair is especially useful if you need your grandfather clock repaired, as this can be extremely difficult to bring to a shop.

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If you’re ready to experience exceptional Atlanta clock repair, contact Accurate Clockworks today at (404) 382-9700.  We currently service Atlanta, Conyers, Stockbridge, Mcdonough, and surrounding areas with exceptional service. We’ll be happy to take a look at your clock repair needs!
Accurate Clockworks provides quality Atlanta clock repair services including clock rebuilding and restoration. Call today for same day grandfather clock estimate